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The 945 Way of Life

945 offers easy banking at your fingertips. If you have a valid phone number, *945# is specially made for you. Check out all the exciting features and services below.

I Need to Open an Account Instantly

Opening a WEMA Bank account is now hassle free and paper free! To open a WEMA Bank account, follow these three easy steps:

1.  Dial *945*1# 

2.  Provide all the requested information and wait for the SMS notification with your account number 

3.  Visit the nearest branch for authentication and to complete the account opening process.

Note that forms are not required to get your account number. Once your account number is sent to you via SMS, you can start receiving money right away!

How Do I Check My Account Balance ASAP?

Need to check your balance without visiting the branch or an ATM? 

1.  Dial *945*0# 

2.  Provide your PIN when prompted and your balance will be displayed. 

You can get your available and cleared balances anytime, anywhere, online and in real time!


I'm On The Go and Need to Transfer Funds

Emergencies often arise which require quick FUND TRANSFERS from wherever you are. You can now send funds on the go by doing the following:


2.  Follow the prompts to select beneficiary’s bank and input PIN to transfer the specified amount to any bank in Nigeria.

Please note that the maximum daily transfer amount is N100,000.00. To transfer an amount beyond this limit, please log on to our WemaMobile or WemaOnline platform.


I Want to Top-Up from Anywhere at Anytime

945 means you have a quicker and easier way of recharging your phone and crediting your loved ones lines as well. You can now:

1.  Instantly recharge your registered phone by dialing *945*AMOUNT# from the phone number you registered with WEMA Bank

2.  Send airtime to friends, family, and loved ones, by dialing *945*PHONENUMBER*AMOUNT#

This service is available for all networks, just specify the network and input your USSD banking PIN when prompted.


I Forgot My Debit Card and Need Instant Cash!

Never find yourself stranded and cashless again! If you forget your debit card at home and are in need of instant cash, you can now get Cash-on-the-Go with 945! Here’s how;

1.  Dial *945*8*amount#

2.  Follow the prompts to generate your withdrawal code

3. Withdraw the specified amount (maximum of N20,000.00 per code and minimum of N1000) in multiples of 1000s from any cardless withdrawal supported ATMs.


I Need to Change My USSD PIN

945 is here to save the day if you need to change your USSD PIN! Here’s how to get it done instantly:

1.  Dial *945*00#

2.  Provide your current PIN

3.  Confirm the new PIN when prompted and continue your transactions with your new pin.


Can I Link My BVN to My Account?

Trying to link your BVN to your account can be a headache. It just got as simple as:

1.  Dialing *945*BVN#

2.  Input BVN and PIN when prompted

3.  Your BVN is linked instantly to your account

To get your already linked BVN, simply;

1.  Dial *945#

2.  Select the ‘’Link BVN’’ option from the menu list

3.  Input your PIN when prompted to display your linked BVN

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You can do just about anything you need, anywhere you are in Nigeria with 945! Do much more, treat yourself to the 945 way of life today.

Additional Information

- Dial short code from your phone number registered with the Bank

- Daily transaction limit is N100,000

- Self-generated PIN required to validate 3rd party transactions

- Telco charges apply per session

- Amount specified for transaction is debited from your Wema Bank account


- Simple and convenient way of banking

- Available 24/7

- Transactions are completed in seconds

- Available on all phone types

- Quick and easy to use

- No banking hall or forms

- Access your account balance from anywhere

- No need for hardware token

-All transactions are completed within 20 seconds


945 services can be used on any mobile phone with an active phone number registered with Wema Bank.

Bills Payment

Pay your bills with *945#, dial and select ‘’Pay Bills’’ option, select required biller from the available list, follow the prompts and pay all bills instantly within seconds.

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